Dear Kid #4 – Precious


Dear kid,

You may think that nothing in this world is precise. There is, my dear. The only thing that precise… is time.

Wise men say that you can not turn back time no matter what, so you have to work hard to make your time valuable, to turn it into money. Me, myself, I won’t say like that. I don’t want you to chase only money instead of experiences. I suggest you to get a lot of experiences, talk to as many person as you can, see what’s on their mind, and go travel around the world. You may surprise for what you’ve might find, but there’s life. It is there to make some surprises. We are expecting them! Continue reading

Best Partner, an Article by Glennon Doyle Melton

Our best partner is the one who will most lovingly and supportively witness our journey—and the one whose journey we find most worthy of witnessing. And that, in the end, is the beginning of a truly beautiful relationship. – Glennon Doyle Melton

This next article wrote by Glennon Doyle Melton which was published in the, titled Disney Princesses and the Meaning of True Love. I think this is a great article and worth to save for my further reading :) Enjoy.. Continue reading

Dear Kid #3 – Be Careful of What You Wish For



Dear kid,

I know this proverb who says “When your heart is heavy, it makes you bow in prayer”. Kid, it is true. Whenever you feel you have big problem, you should remember that you have God who is bigger than your problem. So, pray for Him to help you solving your problem(s). :)

But allow me to say this to you, kid. Whenever you have the opportunity to lower yourself and pray, please be careful of what you pray for. Because it might come true, sooner or later. You are free to pray anything you want. No one can stop you for sure.

I would like to share my story to you if you are willing to read/listen. I once had a wish, so I prayed for it. I had my wish granted surprisingly, but I wasn’t satisfied. Say, it was lack in something. Then I lifted my hands and pray for the second time. I prayed for God to give me same thing but with better criteria (based on my side, of course). God heard, and He gave me what I prayed for. It was my second prayer for the same thing with different criteria. Still, I was not satisfied. I prayed again and again and again. But the results are always the same. God gave me what I wanted (He heard exactly what I wished for, word per word) but I always unsatisfied with what He had gave to me.

At that time, I was so desperate and ready to blame God. But then I realized, if there was one person to blame then it must be me. It was me who pray, who ask for everything. And God only made all of them happened. I should be happy, shouldn’t I? I should be grateful, but I wasn’t.

Then kid, I realized this. Sometimes what we thought is the best for us, it isn’t and it won’t be the best for us no matter how hard we tried. We won’t find happiness in that thing. It might be the best for us, based on our point of view but not from God’s point of view. We are lacking in experiences, you know. We might be stubborn and selfish sometimes, but not admit that God knows the best is like to not believe that Chicago is -40 degrees celsius nowadays. It’s too shallow I know, but what I am trying to say is how do I know if Chicago is -40 degrees celsius now if my aunt who is currently living in that city didn’t tell me? I do believe her, because she never lied and because she is my aunt. Get the point?

Dear kid,

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and finally a soul that never loses faith in God. Always pray for the best in God’s version. You may thank Him later when you finally knew His scenario.

Have a bigger heart than mine! Xoxo.



Dear Kid #2 – Finding the One

Finding the one is a long and tiring journey since you may failed constantly. It is the journey to find yourself as well. To find what you like and dislike, to find what you can tolerate or not, etc. In order to understand why you met that kind of person and failed, you should set your mind in the ‘open’ mode, always. To be success is to not give up trying. You have lot of chances of meeting new people on the intersection of life. So, be nice. Don’t hate. And always try to look on the other side. There must be something you can learn from.

Heart breaks and it hurts I know, but let me tell you kid, it is on you to fix your own heart and learn to stand again. It may take a long time to fix what’s already broken, but don’t let other people do it for you. Your heart, your responsibility. Don’t let other people interfere your decision (including me). My advice for you is please choose wisely. It may needs thousand of think-rethink-consider-and-reconsider phases, but it’s okay. It’s normal and actually I’ll be surprised if you’re not doing so. In the end, you have to believe that there are someone out there who love you/will love you unconditionally. And if you think there’s no one who loves you, I do.

I love you.

So be brave. Don’t worry about small things, stay positive, and let the universe do the rest.
Good night, sleep tight dear.




Dear Kid #1 – History Repeats

Dear kid,

Raising little sister doesn’t mean that I am expert enough to raise a child. Yeah, i know that too. But if you’re 10 years older than your siblings and your Mom made you do all the baby sitter’s stuff since they’re little, I think you can consider it as a practice. Tough it’s not perfect.

I am 24 years old now. My little sister, or you can call her “aunty” is 14 years old at the moment. We are very close to each other. We love to tell stories about everything, even if its not important at all. But you know kid, as the time goes by, I realize that history repeats, over and over again. It was at first; my time, my moment, my journey. Now, she has to experience all of them by herself. Same stories, same acts. It surprised me when she told me everything that I could recalled as ‘my own experience’. It was mine.

I have to be honest with you, I made mistakes. People made mistakes, all the time. A lot of mistakes. I am not ashamed at all because I thought all of them make me like I am today. It is just this one thought:

I hope that she didn’t do same mistakes as I did.

People make mistakes, and they learn from it. I hope that anything that has happened to me, could be learned by my sister. And I also hope that whatever it is, she could be better person than I am today and could fully achieve what she wants to become.

I don’t know what life would be when you’re here. I pray for better future, better world to live in. I hope, someday when you’re finally exist, I still can give you enough attention and tell all the stories I had. I hope that I am young enough to follow your vigorous activities and idealist thoughts, teach you how to read and count, and answer your endless questions; but old enough to share inspiring stories without intending to patronize you :)

I hope.

With bunch of love.