Project #1

Hi there! I’ve told you before on this post that i am currently in the making of 2 small businesses. Basically this 2 small businesses run base on my hobby which is crafting. I’ve been doing this crafty things since i was in the elementary school. At that time, that 8-years-old little girl already sold her crafts to her school friends. She did it for fun. Really, because as long as i remember, i didn’t remember to put the uangbalikmodal. -__-” I just sold them at the reasonable price at that time. Just for the hey-look-at-me-i-am-happy-i-got-my-own-money joyful thought.

So this is it, i think i’ll try to make it happen once again. One of my small businesses which i am trying to make it run is on handmade jewelry/accessories. Yeayyy! :)

Yeah kinda weird, huh if you look at my background? But who really cares about that?

I realized that i still have to learn much from the expert people, so i came to my aunt who already frequently went overseas to exhibit her talent over crafts. Such an inspiring discussion I gotta tell you. Our discussion can be summed up like this: We surely have to value art, but the most important one is we have to value people. Based on my aunt suggestion, i have to search some potential craftsmen/craftswomen to help me with this business since I do it all alone from the beginning. She said that it will make my crafts more affordable so that i could sell it at the reasonable price. True. If I, myself, who make it all alone all the time, the price will become little bit expensive though it will stand out since I use the best material to make. Who doesn’t want his/her creations stand out? Me too. So when I design and make this jewelry thing, I make it from super fine materials which are very good but indeed very expensive. I guess this is why i need this kind of discussion with the expert. Haha.

It was fun! But still a baby, still a long way to go, a lot of tasks to do. Whatever it is, i hope that it could run smoothly. Amen. :)

I’ll keep you update ;)



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