Dear Kid #1 – History Repeats

Dear kid,

Raising little sister doesn’t mean that I am expert enough to raise a child. Yeah, i know that too. But if you’re 10 years older than your siblings and your Mom made you do all the baby sitter’s stuff since they’re little, I think you can consider it as a practice. Tough it’s not perfect.

I am 24 years old now. My little sister, or you can call her “aunty” is 14 years old at the moment. We are very close to each other. We love to tell stories about everything, even if its not important at all. But you know kid, as the time goes by, I realize that history repeats, over and over again. It was at first; my time, my moment, my journey. Now, she has to experience all of them by herself. Same stories, same acts. It surprised me when she told me everything that I could recalled as ‘my own experience’. It was mine.

I have to be honest with you, I made mistakes. People made mistakes, all the time. A lot of mistakes. I am not ashamed at all because I thought all of them make me like I am today. It is just this one thought:

I hope that she didn’t do same mistakes as I did.

People make mistakes, and they learn from it. I hope that anything that has happened to me, could be learned by my sister. And I also hope that whatever it is, she could be better person than I am today and could fully achieve what she wants to become.

I don’t know what life would be when you’re here. I pray for better future, better world to live in. I hope, someday when you’re finally exist, I still can give you enough attention and tell all the stories I had. I hope that I am young enough to follow your vigorous activities and idealist thoughts, teach you how to read and count, and answer your endless questions; but old enough to share inspiring stories without intending to patronize you :)

I hope.

With bunch of love.



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