Thankyou, BFsF :)

Do you believe in the term of “BFF” or ‘best friend forever’?

I do.

One said that friendship is not the function of time; he said that it’s the matter of frequency. He’s surely not wrong. He has his point of view. But for me, good friends are always about who will stay through our ups and downs. Complementing and insulting in an honest way for our improvement. To live is to sail through any weather with every consequence; it feels so good to have someone who can support us, laugh at us, and even slap or yell to us just to give another point of view. Someone who can easily said “I told you so!” without leaving the bad feeling after that (no one would ever like to hear that sentence, haha).

I just want to say thank you to them. I am so blessed to have you gals for almost 12 years of my life, and it’s still counting for sure. You are my treasure :) I may not choose wisely but thank you for not judging me for every decision I made. We may not seeing each other very often these days, but my pray will always be with you. And when the time has come, we may need more than 7 hours to update the story of each other lives. Can’t wait!

See you when I see you!



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