Hi There, What’s Up?

Whoooaaaa! It is been a long time since my last post. It was written on September 30th, and now it is already November 25th. Almost 2 months!  I have been busy lately working on some projects sometimes I forget to reply all the messages and line or whatsapp that came to my phone. Yeah, I know it’s not good at all because some of them are urgently important. But believe me, if you enjoy what you’re doing at the moment, you’ll be surprised on nothing (and no one) could ever distract you from what you’re doing. That happens to me, seriously.

So, what’s new?

Here they are..

  1. I am in the making of 2 small businesses. All of them are in the art and creative industries. I think I just found my passion in this industry. And I guess that is why I have more friends in the art faculties when I was in college. I really loveee art and creative industry. It’s not that I dislike or have forgotten my major study as a biomedical engineer, but I think for this time I’ll focus on making these businesses running at first.
  2. I learn martial art, again. I learned Merpati Putih when I was on my Junior High and High School, but I didn’t continue it on college. I am aware that I need some kind of self-defense as I usually travel alone nowadays, though I don’t want to use it unless I am on the unfortunate situation (pray hard that doesn’t ever happen!) so I started to learn one of them, again. And now guess what I learn? Muaythai Boxing. Don’t ask why.
  3. I traveled to Auckland, New Zealand; Manila, Philippine; and Manado, Indonesia. I have a dream to travel around the world. For these 5 years, I challenge myself to travel and explore Indonesia and North-East Asia. So here I am. I successfully went to Auckland, Manila, and Manado. I have to start saving again since my traveling budget is at its lowest point at the moment *big grin*. Hope that dream comes true!!
  4. I am busy doing these house chores for my Mom. I’ve been raised in a mom-works-as-a-housewife family. Therefore, ever since I go back to home for good after I finished my study, my Mom has been very eager to make me learn how to cook, bake, etcetera etcetera. I tell you guys, my Mom is a gifted cook because every raw ingredients turn out to be the most delicious food! No kidding. I have a friend who likes to eat a lot and she told me if she happens to stay at my house; she’ll become even bigger because of my Mom’s dishes. So, I guess it’s not a bad idea to start learning these house chores in a proper way for my own good. Who knows it could be useful since I learn from the best.
  5. I take Mandarin as my 3rd language seriously. Yes. No explanation needed. I found it very useful in every kind of situation wherever and whenever you go. Don’t you think so?
  6. Design logos and websites as a part-time job. I still need money for my businesses to run, don’t I? *evil smirk*

So that’s all. In case some of you have curiosity at what I’ve been doing lately. I just want to tell you that I’m okay, and healthy, and blessed, though no one would ask. Haha.

Adios, fellas! I’ll keep you update for sure!


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