How do you do?

I feel like years since the last time I wrote. I’ve been busy talking to myself lately. As you know, talking with yourself can’t be considered as doing some discussions. Maybe at the moment you can have a kind of discussion between your mind and your heart, but it often ends up with no conclusion. So here I am, give my blog and you of course, the readers, a hello =) (not that I think it can give me conclusion also, haha).

I have a rare experience that I want to share. One day, two friends of mine contacted me. They all asked the same question. “How are you? How you’ve been doing lately?”. And I replied with the same standard answer, “I’m fine. Thanks! Why so sudden?”. All of them replied again with the same response. Well, not actually the same sentence but it has the same meaning. They gave me “I don’t know why, just remember you all of sudden and wanted to ask you how-do-you-do kind of questions” answer.

And I just laughed. God surely gave some humors to me, the one that I’m not sure that I can understand for now.

Do you believe in the idea of we’re connected to each other?

I, myself, am sure that we are connected to others in some way. Some people define it as ‘miss’ like in term “I miss you”, but I think it’s more than that. Maybe it’s the same with mother-and-child connection like. They know (or have the feeling) and try to reach you then ask this kind of question all of sudden just to know that you’re fine or how you’ve been doing lately. Maybe they don’t know either why they did that, but the moment is so perfect.

I just want to thank them for asking and of course, hearing also, as I spilled out the story before I could control myself. Ha! =p

So, how do you do? =D



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