Susan Boyle – I Dreamed a Dream

People always say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but to be honest it is not an easy task to do, isn’t it? There always be a thing called ‘first impression’ that makes us analyze what that people might do or what was his/her background, that is -for sure- could lead us to classifying people.

Realize or not, every people in this world does the same thing to the different person.

This video is a great example to prove it =)

Amazing, isn’t it? Her voice is incredible and she surely can reach those high notes. I believe you all saw the ‘face’ of the audiences when they knew that Susan Boyle is 47 years old, unemployed, and wanted to become a professional singer (like Elaine Page). They were mocking her -the faces tell it all-.

Every person deserves a chance. It is not a sin to observe first, but please try not too quick to make a final decision or opinion to someone. They might be as good as you are, or even better.

This video personally slapped me in the face. As Amanda said, this is a wakeup call. Even though she came up as the second best of that season, she got her chance and she was successfully prove herself and others that she can. And the people who was mocking her at the first time, was wrong.

I hope that I can learn from this video and become a better person in the future, so do you.

Cheers! =)

More about her (3 first videos from 6 in total):



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