You never know what life could lead you into. Seriously. When I looked back, nothing ever crossed my mind that I will work in such this FMCG* company. Not only that I have to deal with tons of different people but also things like components and spare parts, not to mention processing machines. I also have to make sure that those projects are on their track and will finish on time. Tough, isn’t it?

Like I said before, this is the position that I haven’t dreamed about in my entire life. Although I did learn French and Mandarin when I was in college, but who would expect that I will work in a ‘technically’ French-company and has a Chinese senior manager. Most of the machines are from China, Taiwan, etc, so yes I am going to deal with Chinese people soon.

And I start to enjoy it. It makes me think all the time. Different time, different things to learn. This CBU** that I got into, has rules but not specific rules. So flexible. The system is not yet stable compare to other CBUs because mine is still growing and developing. It needs a lot of improvements. People can easily come and go as they like since there aren’t something that could tied them into. So there will be enough space to do the experiments, right?

I started to ask myself why. Why this kind of company -with the position, of course- that I managed to get into? There must be something, purposes, or things to learn to prepare me for the future. The system is not right. Everybody could tell. And it motivates me.

“How about try and fix it?”, my manager said to me one time.
Yeah, why not.

Maybe I’ll make my SOP later, haha! Like the old times.

Nothing is impossible. And like my Director said to me at the final interview, “the sky has no limit, go explore!”. It may be some kind of encouragement that she gave to me, but yeah there again, who knows?? Somethings lead to another things. I believe that for sure.

I have a lot things to learn. And these people are so kind they want to share and teach :)
Have to be a sponge. Have to absorb as much as I can! :D

*FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods
**CBU = Company Business Unit



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