Brighter Future

I am just wondering.

Have you ever criticized your family’s characters? Or maybe have you ever thought that there are something you wanna change about your family? Like you don’t want that attitude or character stick inside you and be your character. Have you?

I haven’t thought about it yet until the end of 2012. Suddenly, while we were waiting for the car from the airport, my brother brought that topic up. Not that he said personally to me but also to my little sister. But since I’m the older one, so it was me who supposed to understand what my brother’s trying to say.

I believe that every family has its own rules, habits, and perspectives about anything. Most of the family does. Realize or not, we (ourselves) are the minion of our family. It can mostly described by looking at our characters and attitudes. Since we -the children- mostly looked up to our parents, we adapt.

And there’s nothing such as perfection in this world.

Now that my brother said to me about anything that we can fix for the next generation, I think about it too. Yeah, there are things that I wanna change. People said there are many things to build up our perspective, but the word “family” always comes first.

What do you want your children to become?

Have you ever imagined how life would be for your children? For the next generation? How to make the better and brighter generation?

I have this video to explain..

Children see, then children will do exactly like what we do. It may not be only for the children, but for everyone else. If you are a boss or a leader then you should act like a model. Every people is a leader. There always someone that look up to you. Neither you recognize or not. They see, and they do the same as you do. The point is, don’t be such a hypocrite. If every people in this world do the same thing, I think there would be peace in this world.

So, ready to make better future for the next generation??



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