The Power of: Make Up

Which woman who does not like to look pretty? All women are basically love beauty. The term ‘beautiful’ belongs to women and to all things that related to women.

All objects associated with women are made more beautiful and more attractive.

How about primp?

Because basically women loved beauty, they tend to always try to look beautiful. One of the way to look beautiful is by using make-up.

Make up can make a woman became very well and glamor. In my opinion, it is allowed to wear make up but not too often and not too excessive also. Make-up is used only in certain occassion when not wearing make up will be seen as some kind of disrespectful to the people who have the event.

In addition, too much frequency of wearing make-up will make the skin become less bright and look old. My mother once said,

“If we want to use make up, better use it thin and not excessive. Only use full make up when you get married, which is later. To overlook.”

And this made sense  when I watched the wedding of Anang-Ashanti the other night. The bride’s face seemed not much different from the face of everyday life, probably because of the everyday make up has reached the maximum limit of make up.

It is different from my friends when they got married. They look so beautiful wearing make up and nothing is superfluous.

So, that’s the power of make up. Make up can make a women more beautiful but could also make the opposite. Just use it wisely.

By the way, last weekend my younger sister got herself primped for the first time as a wedding receptionist in Prita and Imo’s wedding ceremony.

Pretty! Really.


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