I wish to go to…

Here I am, posting again.

One day, my friend, which is native, asked me.

If you could chose one place to go abroad outside the Asia continent, where would it be?

About 3 minutes thinking, and I directly answered him, GREENLAND!

He seemed surprise, a lot. He said that it was the unnatural answer for people. He was amazed. He said that I was the very first person to gave him that answer. Question became another questions. He asked me again.

What? Ha ha. Why?? We have many places here in the world. Why that ‘GREENLAND’ came at very first for you?

Me, giggles. I thought, why not? It could be anywhere. Why I couldn’t say Greenland? I laughed. And I explained to him that I have been curious until this time. What is Greenland? Although Greenland is a part of Denmark,  I still can’t imagine what Greenland is. Is it a land that covered with green? I mean, like park?

He answered me.

From what I read, Greenland merely consists of  ice. What you think green is covered by ice. It involved politics in it. Long time ago, many people want to visit north pole. And what you think that north pole is covered by ice, all over is white, no. There are lives in north pole. The arctic tribe wanted to protect their place by not let anymore people to come to that place. It was politic. So they published Greenland as a Green place, where you could find peace. And the north pole as a threaten, only if you want to get freeze in there you could visit north pole. I don’t know exactly whether it was true or not. But, yeah, I hope I could go to that place too..

More knowledge! Yeah. Finally there are some people who could explained to me well. Greenland has been in my place-to-go lists since many times ago. I will go to that place. Someday.



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