That awkward moment…

…when your lecturer asked you, “What’s wrong with you” and you already know the answer but don’t know how to answer it.
-my twitter status this day.

This morning, my lecturer in a surprising and serious way asked me,

What’s wrong with you?

Actually, I can understand why my lecturer asked me this kind of question in a sudden. Because of my score. Yes, my score. I used to have good scores, all of them were above the average and above the passing standards scores.

Because of my score, I have to do more tasks and test before I could pass the subject. This extra test will be run after the holiday. Yes, new semester, same subject. But I have to do this, otherwise I wouldn’t pass this subject. And I have to repeat classes. I definitely don’t want that to happened.

It is true that my score is below the average passing standard scores. But I think I still have to be grateful. Although my score is low, I still managed to be the highest scores in my class. So you can say that all of the class have to do the remedial.
Many people said that it wasn’t my fault at all. It was my lecturer’s fault. He couldn’t teach his students well so they got a low score.

Maybe yes. Maybe no. There were still my fault in here. Why I got that low score? I should have studied harder. I should have listened to my lecturer while he was giving us the theory. I shouldn’t underestimate this subject at the first time.

To be honest, at first, yes I underestimated this subject. I underestimated this because I felt that I already had this kind of subject before. Same lecturer. Same teaching method.

Yeah, maybe ‘bored’ is a proper word to say. I tended to focus on the other subjects. The new one. The more interesting one. I managed to get A in every class I took, except for this subject. Last time I checked, still ‘T’.

What I have and gotta do is change my mind set. I have to have more positive energy rather that blamed someone or something for the mistakes I have done. It is a must.

From now on, I have to become more positive person! I should not lost against anything.
The world is though, so I have to be tougher.
Let’s make a target then..


It’s a MUST!!




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