because I fit in everything Indonesia has..

Last week, when I had my English course, my teacher asked us to play a game. This game is called “ask the teacher”. The rule was you have to make some questions to your teacher. Anything. Write it down in a piece of paper. After that, the teacher will choose one of you to sit in front of your classmates and you’ll be asked that question. You have to give the answer as if you are your teacher. The more right your question, the more point you’ll get.

There was a question.

“if there is a place in earth that you want to spend your time when you get older. where will it be?”

We, her students, assumed that she will be back to her hometown in Mississippi, US. Yeah, who won’t? Me, myself, want to go back to Indonesia no matter what. Despite the opinions about my country that make some people will not come back to Indonesia. Lots of things and people that I love live here.

And her answer was..

It is true that my hometown is Mississippi. I love that place and I spent my youth time in that city. But I think I will not go back to that city. I want to spend my old time in here, Indonesia. Why? I’ll explain to you after class.

Shocked. We didn’t expect the answer will be like that.

and soon after the class really over, she continued.

Have you ever feel about God wants you to be in a specific place? Every step you made, every decision, it was like directed. God wants you in a specific place doing specific thing. I don’t know why I choose Indonesia as my destination. I came in here last year, and I did not prepare anything. I just, came. I didn’t have any friend. I didn’t know where to live or what will I do in here. I learned new culture when I came here. And it’s true that I got a culture shock. But you know what, I think I fit in Indonesia culture more than America. I started to learn Bahasa and I think I’m good at it. I love Indonesian food, I love Indonesian people, I love Indonesian culture, I love the way Indonesian behave, I love everything that Indonesia has in many ways.

And I started to think, this is the purpose of my life. To serve this country and be the part of it. It’s the God’s plan for me. I have my family back in Mississippi, but I also have people in here closer than my family whom I love the most.

That’s why I will spend my time in here, Indonesia as I grow old.

This sentence,

because I feel I fit in here, in Indonesia

really made my thinking. She, the foreigner, has already decided where to live because she’s in love with Indonesia. Really fall in love. As simply as that. I can’t imagine when I go somewhere or another country and I can decided that “I want to live here”, “this is the perfect place to spent my old time”, or anything like that. I think I’m really in love with Indonesia. To many places in here that I love. To many kind of foods that I’ll miss when (maybe) I live abroad. To many people I love in here and I don’t want to leave them.

I think, until at any time, Indonesia will be my the one and only destination to spend my old time. Like she does.

So, have you experience one?



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